Sea Breeze Lodge     

         5-star B&B, 


        Galway bay.

               Traditional Irish Breakfast


                                              - Irish Breakfast

- Scrambled eggs with  bacon/sausages
            - French toast is a specialty of ours.           -

- Boiled or poached eggs with bacon/sausages.
            - Oatmeal Breakfast with choice of toppings.               
            - Pan fried Baby Potatoes with diced Smoked 
            Ham, onion, and spices.
            - Omelette, Spanish style. 

            Continental Breakfast: 

           -  Large selection of Cereals
            and Musli.
            - Selection of Cheeses.          
           - Fresh Fruit Salad.
            - Selection of fruit Yogurt.
            - Cranberry, orange, apple,
             grapefruit, pineapple
             or cocktail Juice.

            - Fresh croissants, Muffins
            - Selection of cakes,
            - Homemade brown bread.
            - French baguette and pastries.              
           -  Marmelade, Jams, etc.

           -  Freshly brewed French Coffee.
           -  English Tea.
          -   Cappuccino.
          -  Espresso
           -  Decaf Tea/Coffee.
           -  Selection of Herbal Teas.
            - Hot chocolate. .